Roll Out Hope: Providing Hope and Dignity at Christmas
November 10, 2021

As a parent, there are few moments that compare to seeing the look on the face of one of my kids as they unwrap a Christmas gift. They’re already smiling before they even open the box! Their happiness is not so much in the gratification of receiving what they asked for – they’re just so happy to be opening a new something.

It’s heartbreaking to know that there are many families who don’t experience these joyful moments on Christmas morning. While there are many toy drives that occur each year from various organizations, Transformation Church felt there was something missing in this space. How could we assist these families during the Christmas season with honor and dignity? Enter Roll Out Hope. For 12 years, Transformation Church has had the privilege of serving our community during the Christmas season to be an extension of Jesus’ love and grace through our Christmas initiative – Roll Out Hope. Transformers participate by purchasing gifts and clothing for children of all ages to equip parents and caregivers who would otherwise not be able to provide Christmas gifts for their families.

To be clear, this is not just another gift collection. Roll Out Hope is an opportunity for us to provide hope and dignity to families during the holiday season. How? Each gift is individualized for every child, so each one feels valued and loved. Instead of us giving the presents to the children, we distribute them directly to the parents and caregivers so that they get the opportunity to wrap and prepare the gifts themselves and experience the joy of giving to their families. We include parents and caregivers in the process so that they may experience that special moment of seeing their children open gifts on Christmas morning. Not only that, but each family also receives a gift basket complete with a gift card for a delicious Christmas meal. This way each family can create their own Christmas celebration at home.

We want to help make Christmas feel like…Christmas for these families.

Want to join us? Great! There are three easy ways that you can participate:

Purchase gifts from our Amazon Wishlists.

Give Financially
Give generously to Transformation Church.

Sign up to serve with us.



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