TC Groups are one of the best ways to grow as a Transformer beyond Sunday mornings.

As we grow in God’s story, it’s important to connect with other Transformers. TC Groups provide space beyond Sunday mornings for us to grow Upward, Inward, and Outward. We want everyone to be a part of a TC Group that studies the Bible and prays, shares life and encourages one another, and loves others well.

Why should I join a TC Group?

Jesus said to make disciples, which means a student or learner. Being a disciple calls us to ongoing belief and obedience as we follow Christ. At TC, we use the word “Transformer” to describe disciples of Jesus and work to intentionally develop five characteristics that help us grow – Worship, Connect, Serve, Give, and Invite. 

The word “character” comes from the tool used to make an imprint in stone or clay. Character is formed bit by bit over time, pressing in repeatedly to make a distinct impression. We want our character to look like Jesus, and through TC Groups, we are able to live out these five characteristics in some way every time that we gather. 

What happens in a TC Group?

TC Groups spend time together in three intentional ways as we live out our vision to be a multiethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped community that loves God completely (Upward), ourselves correctly (Inward), and our neighbors compassionately (Outward). 

Study and Pray

TC Groups spend 30-45 minutes studying the Bible
or biblically-based content and responding in prayer.  

Share and Encourage

TC Groups spend 20-30 minutes sharing life and calling
attention to Christ in our lives

Love Others

TC Groups spend a little bit of time every week and a lot of time
occasionally praying for and serving those outside of the group

Who can join a TC Group?

While no single TC Group will be able to fully reflect the diversity of our congregation and community, we expect that every TC Group will be intentionally living out our vision to be a multiethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped community that loves God completely (Upward), ourselves correctly (Inward), and our neighbors compassionately (Outward). 

Most TC Groups are open to men and women of any age. However, some TC Groups are for a specific group of Transformers, including men, women, young adults (18-30), and seniors (60+). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do TC Groups meet?

TC Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, and public places in Indian Land, SC, and the surrounding area (Lancaster, Mecklenburg, York, and Union Counties).

Some TC Groups meet online. Online TC Groups are led by a local Transformer and are open to people from around the world.

What content will my TC Group study?

TC Groups are encouraged to use the sermon conversation guide, which can be found on each of our sermon pages, or choose from our suggested curriculum. View all sermon series.

Can I be part of a TC Group if I’m not a Christian?

Absolutely. TC Groups can be a great place to belong as you are deciding what you believe. Some groups are a better fit than others, so you might want to talk to our TC Groups team to find the best fit for you.

How long do TC Groups meet?

Most TC Groups meet weekly or every other week for about 90 minutes. Groups stay together on average for about 18 months.

What about childcare?

Every TC Group handles childcare in a way that is best for them. Some groups encourage children to participate in the group. Some offer onsite childcare. Some ask parents to organize their own childcare.

Transformation Church offers a childcare reimbursement supplement to help offset the cost for parents who choose to hire a sitter. View our TC Groups Childcare Supplement Form to learn more.