The Transformation Track

The Transformation Track is our membership pathway in which you learn how to live an upward, inward, outward life together as a community. Membership is important because it’s biblical. I Corinthians 12:27 says, “Now you are the body of Christ, and individual members of it.” The Church is not a building, it’s the body of Christ. That means you are the Church everywhere you go. Whether it’s at school or in the grocery store or stuck in traffic on your way to work, you are reflecting Christ. The Transformation Track is comprised of three classes and upon completion of all three, you’ll be a member of TC!

Get on the Transformation Track!

All three classes are required for membership. Visit our events page to view upcoming classes.

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Know God’s Story

In Class 1 you will know God’s Story and understand TC’s beliefs, vision, and values.

Grow in God’s Story

In Class 2 you will grow in God’s Story. Here you will learn the practices that will help you grow in your beliefs and in spiritual habits.


Go in God’s Story

In Class 3 you will go in God’s Story. You will be equipped and sent out to live on mission as a member of Transformation Church.