Loving our schools compassionately

Did you know that on average, teachers spend more than $600 of their own money on school supplies every year? That’s why we created Classroom Project. Every summer, we partner with our local schools to equip teachers and staff for the upcoming school year by providing them with bins full of supplies.

Classroom Project takes place each summer before the start of the new school year. Check back here for more details on our 2023 collection!

See how your generosity is making an impact.


In 2022, we equipped 1,075 local teachers and staff with bins full of supplies needed to start their school year, equaling a total impact of $103,742.68. We are thankful for all the Transformers who made this possible through providing supplies, serving, and giving financially.


Through the generosity of our Transformers, in 2021, we packed and delivered 1,000 bins of supplies for our ten local school partnerships, equaling a total impact of $86,217.


During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we provided Amazon Gift Cards for more than 600 teachers and school staff at our seven local school partnerships at the beginning of the school year, gave each teacher and staff member their four top requested supplies in November, and surprised each school with free coffee in December. The total impact given to our schools equaled $45,500.


In 2019, we distributed 575 bins, equaling $74,750 worth of supplies to seven local school partnerships. More than 340 Transformers came together to provide supplies, assemble bins, pack the U-Haul truck, and assist in the delivery process.

Thank you for living a generous life and helping us be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community!