Transformation Church Gives $40,000 for Emergency Response in Haiti and Afghanistan
August 24, 2021

By Kristel Acevedo, Transformation Church Content Creator

It was the mid-1980s and my parents made the painful decision to pack up their whole lives and leave their home country.

They had never envisioned themselves leaving, but a violent civil war and a destructive earthquake years prior had made their beloved country unrecognizable. They wanted to give their daughters a chance at a better and safer future. When we arrived in the United States, they could have been met with hostility, but thankfully there was a church.

This church saw the influx of refugees and immigrants from unstable countries and decided to do something about it. They developed a program that would help navigate the legal system and gave free English classes. This church stayed true to the calling outlined in Scripture to care for the widows, the orphans, and the foreigners. They knew that the vulnerable needed the love of Jesus.

When I heard about the recent earthquake in Haiti and the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, I instantly thought of my own family. I knew that, as the Church, we could find a way to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these vulnerable communities. Thankfully, TC already has partnerships with several organizations that are ready to go in and provide relief. Because of the generosity of our Transformers, we were able to make a total gift of $40,000 to our partner organizations.

We may not know the specific stories of the individuals who will benefit from this gift, but we can rest assured that the impact will be life-changing. Mothers will be able to feed their babies, kids will have clean water to drink, families will find sanctuary from violence, and refugees will be welcomed to the U.S. with love and compassion.

Transformation Church, thank you for your generosity. Let’s continue to pray for those who have been affected by tragedy and let’s continue to look for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our everyday lives.

$40,000 breakdown:

$10,000 – Water Mission
Water Mission is working on the ground to assess the damage in Haiti caused by the earthquake and mobilize safe water solutions as quickly as possible. They currently have the capacity and water systems to provide safe water for tens of thousands of people. The Haiti team has responded and is well-equipped for this situation. They ask for prayer, as the situation in Haiti is challenging considering the damage from the earthquake, COVID-19, and gangs who control the sole route from the capital to the affected southern areas.

$10,000 – Convoy of Hope
Convoy of Hope is now providing food, water, hygiene kits, and medical supplies to those in the hardest-hit areas of Haiti. In addition to food, they are also distributing solar lanterns and sheltering supplies. Thankfully, Convoy’s in-country warehouse was not damaged by the earthquake, so distributions have begun immediately.

$10,000 – Preemptive Love
Preemptive Love has committed to providing for immediate needs including food, water, and shelter for those who have been forced out of their homes by the Taliban’s advance and regime change. This may change as the situation on the ground changes. Long-term needs (longer than 6-12 months) will depend on whether a large-scale resistance mounts against the Taliban, whether international sanctions are levied and other factors. Through Preemptive Love, we can support those that remain in Afghanistan and provide for them as they struggle through what the future looks like.

$10,000 – World Relief As the Taliban gained control over the Afghan capital of Kabul, chaos has erupted as families are unsure of their future and thousands of lives are at stake. Some of those facing the greatest danger are men and women whose association with the U.S. is now threatening their lives and the lives of their families. While these men and women have Special Immigrant Visa’s (SIVs) pending, they are currently trapped in Kabul facing violence and persecution. World Relief is advocating on their behalf to Congress and the White House and asking them to do everything they can to evacuate and resettle them. World Relief U.S. offices are currently receiving SIVs, picking up refugees from the airport, arranging housing, and connecting them to local community members and services so that they can get resettled and integrated as quickly as possible. Through World Relief, we can support the Afghan refugees that are coming to the U.S. for safety. We can be a part of welcoming them and supporting them in their new home. I

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