The purpose of the Weekend Services team is to clearly convey the vision and values to the congregation and introduce Jesus through music and the preaching of God’s word, both on campus and online.


The TC Production team worships God by serving the technical needs of our Pastor, music team and live broadcast. We do our best to create an environment that compliments the music and message, one that is free of technical distraction, visually pleasing, audibly clear and honoring to God.


The Communications team conveys the vision/values of TC. We resource ministry teams with internal and external messaging and equip our core, committed, congregation, and community audiences to grow in the 5 Characteristics of a Transformer.


The Music team reflects the vision of TC through its music and includes a variety of genres that connect with our multiethnic, multigenerational community. We collaborate to choose songs that reflect a high and lofty view of God and write original songs based on our sermon series.