The purpose of the Connections team is to provide pathways to growth in the five characteristics of a Transformer to the core, committed, congregation, and community audiences. We provide opportunities for growth through membership, groups, serving, and care.

Next Steps Weekend Team

This team is on the frontlines of every weekend service. From helping cars park in an organized way to greeting people at the door, to helping you find a seat in the auditorium. This team helps people feel welcome and comfortable at every service.

Content Team

Our content team creates discipleship resources for our church. They consist of writers, editors, and proofreaders all coming together to make sure our written materials are created with excellence.

Transformation Track

The Transformation Track is our membership pathway in which you learn how to live an upward, inward, outward life together as a community. The track includes three classes which equip you to know, grow, and go in God’s story.

Spiritual Decisions

When someone makes a commitment to follow Jesus, our Spiritual Decisions team follows up to help them in their next step on their journey. They connect with them to pray and offer encouragement.