What Does It Mean To Serve At TC?

As we love God completely (Upward) and ourselves correctly (Inward), we are then compelled to love our neighbors compassionately (Outward). You have a gift that God wants to unleash in ministry at TC and on mission in the community. Every Christ-follower is a part of the body of Christ and, therefore, has a place to serve as the healthy hands and feet of Jesus!

Serve Orientation is the main on-ramp to serving at TC. If you already know where you would like to plugin, then click the link below and let us know.

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The Bible teaches us that as Christ followers we are all part of one body called the church. But that each member of that body has been gifted with different talents and abilities. At TC we don’t believe that you should “plug holes” when you serve. We believe that you should serve in the area of your passion and giftedness. You can discover those areas below.

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Serve Out

The Bible teaches us that it’s not the healthy people who need a doctor. In the same way, we shouldn’t only reserve our service for fellow Christ followers at TC. We are called to live out our faith in our schools, neighborhoods, jobs, and communities. Click below to look for serving opportunities in your neighborhood.

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