As we continue to regather as a family for worship services, we want you to be informed, prepared, and comfortable. Below you will find the frequently asked question section. We hope you will take time to look at them as you prepare to regather at Transformation Church.


  • I’m not comfortable returning to church yet. Will online services continue to be offered?

    Yes! We encourage you to join us online until you feel comfortable attending in person. Our Transformation Church weekend service will continue to be streamed at 9am and 11am You can stream our services at, YouTube, and Facebook or using our app on AppleTV or Roku.

  • Will TC be limiting capacity of their buildings?

    We will no longer be limiting the capacity.

  • Do I have to register?

    No, you longer have to register to attend a weekend service.

  • Are masks required?

    Masks are optional for all. We encourage everyone to review the CDC’s guidelines when deciding whether or not to wear a mask.

  • Can I wear a shield or a neck gator instead of a mask?

    Yes. If you chose to wear a face covering you can wear whatever you feel comfortable with.

  • Will there be TC Kids?

    At this time, we will not be offering any TC kids activities on Sunday morning. We encourage you to bring your children to the service. If necessary, you can always bring a pen and paper, or a device with headphones to keep them entertained.

  • If I choose not to attend in person, will there still be online option for TC Kids?

    Yes. You will still be able to find resources for your kids on the TC Kids YouTube page.

  • Should I let someone know if I discover I had COVID-19 while attending a service?

    Yes. We will be contact tracing everyone who serves and attends our services. If you believe you had COVID-19 while attending a service, please email Your privacy will be protected, but we will let people who you may have been in close contact with aware of the situation.

  • Will there be coffee?

    Unfortunately, we will not be serving coffee at this time. We also ask that no food or beverages be brought into the building. Please hydrate and caffeinate before arriving.

  • Are service times changing?

    Yes. In order to allow for the ability to clean between services, we will have new service times. Beginning Sunday, May 9 our new service times will be 9am & 11am. We will be streaming both services online.

  • What time should I arrive for service?

    In order to allow enough time to properly clean and sanitize the building between services, we ask that you arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to the beginning of a service.

  • Will certain doors be marked for exit and entrance only?

    Yes, entrances and exits will be marked to enable the proper flow of traffic.

  • Will restrooms be open?

    Yes, all restrooms will be open and will undergo routine cleaning between services.

  • Will the service look different?

    For the most part our services will look the same. However, in this season, to allow for social distancing and safety, we will not pass our giving buckets, participate in communion, or have prayer and anointing during.

  • How is TC cleaning its facilities?

    We will be disinfecting all seats in the auditorium as well as cleaning all doors, handrails, and common areas between each service. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the building.

  • How can I continue my giving?

    During this time, we are encouraging digital giving. You can give online at or by texting give2tc to (833) 815-8800. We will also have giving stations located around the building that you may drop your gift into.

  • kids


  • Why are we required to register?

    TC Kids is currently undergoing renovations and space is limited. To ensure that your children have the appropriate space and care needed, registration will be required.

  • Is there a maximum room capacity?

    Yes, our team researched and determined the appropriate capacity for each room.

  • What if registration is full?

    Due to limited space in our Kids area, registration may reach capacity. We have designed our main worship service to be kid-friendly. We encourage you to take your little ones into the service with you.

  • Will children be required to wear masks and have temperatures taken?

    No. We will not be taking temperatures and we encourage each family to refer to the CDC guidelines when deciding whether or not to wear a mask.

  • Will leaders be required to wear masks and have temperatures taken?

    No. We encourage each servant leader to refer to the CDC guidelines when deciding whether or not to wear a mask.

  • What can we bring with us?

    Diaper bags and bottles that are clearly labeled can be brought with your children. However, no outside toys or stuffed animals will be allowed (special circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis).

  • Will snacks be served?

    We will only offer snacks for kids who attend both the 9am and 11am services. This snack will be served in between the two services.

  • How are toys and rooms being cleaned?

    We will use a system of A bins and B bins. Each bin will be designated with toys for each service. All other toys and surfaces will be cleaned between services.

  • We have family or friends visiting one weekend. Can we register their children?

    Yes, we encourage you to invite family and friends and register them as well.

  • Do we have to sign up each week or just once?

    Please sign up each week.

  • What if I register, but then realize our family won’t be able to attend that weekend?

    You can cancel your registration by emailing Please be sure to include your name and the names of the children for which you are canceling the registration.