R.I.P. Medical Debt

TC Helps Eliminate $4 Million in Local Medical Debt

To celebrate its first ten years, Transformation Church partnered with R.I.P. Medical Debt by contributing $40,000 to help eliminate more than $4 million in medical debt, making a tangible difference in the lives of local residents.

R.I.P. buys medical debt at a discounted price and then partners with donors to eliminate that debt for those most in need of relief: households whose income is less than twice the federal poverty level or which are insolvent. The church has targeted available debt held by R.I.P. in local counties, such as York and Lancaster.

“We are canceling millions of dollars in medical debt because Jesus canceled our sin debt on the cross. We want to freely perform this act of love for people who are suffocating under the weight of medical debt,” said Dr. Derwin Gray, lead pastor of Transformation Church. “We want to lighten their burden and let them know Jesus cares.”

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