TC Teens Schedule


The purpose of TC Teens is to help our teens live out the vision of Transformation Church! As part of a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community, we want to help them to grow Upward, Inward and Outward. We do this by encouraging their growth as a Transformer (a follower of Jesus) in the 5 Characteristics of a Transformer: Worship, Connect, Serve, Give, and Invite.

Regular meeting times for TC Teens (Small Group) are 4-6pm (Middle School) and 6-8pm (High School).



13th – Squad Night (Small Group)
20th – TC Teens (Small Group)
27th – TC Teens (Small Group) – Parent Camp Meeting
29th – Family Ministry SL Huddle


3th – Anniversary/Superbowl – Off-site Get Together
10th – TC Teens (Small Group)
17th – TC Teens (Small Group)
24th – TC Teens (Small Group)


3rdh – Night of Worship (Small Group)
10th – TC Teens Offsite Collab with Forest Hill
17th – TC Teens (Small Group)
24th – TC Teens (Small Group)
31st – Off-site MS & HS Connection

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