TC Kids


We believe that people of all ages are capable of living an Upward–Inward–Outward life! We have enthusiastic, well-trained staff and servant leaders who have a passion for Christ and for kids. During all weekend services, we provide unique programs for kids ages 6 weeks to 5th grade. It’s our desire to create an engaging and safe environment during their weekly time with us. 

What To Expect

We have age-appropriate programs during all weekend services. If you’re a first time guest, please enter through the main lobby doors and a member of our Connector team help you get checked in. If you’re a regular attender, we encourage you to enter through the TC Kids Entrance.

Nursery (6weeks – 1yr)

Our nursery is available for babies 6 weeks – 12 months.  In the nursery, babies will be cared for in a safe and loving environment. On Sunday mornings, you will check your child in and leave them with our qualified TC Kids servant leader team, who will care for them during the service. If your baby has any specific needs, please give us instructions when you drop them off. To view our space and talk with a staff member, please stop by before or after service!


Toddlers (1yr)

During the month of May, our Toddlers will learn that God made them! Our bible verse for this month comes from Psalm 139:14, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” They will engage in activities that spark their creativity during playtime and reinforce the main idea that God cares about them and others.

Preschool (2-4yrs)

During the month of May, our Preschoolers will learn that God made them and they can help others!  They’ll learn from the memory verse in Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind and loving to each other.” They will have time in Large Group where they will learn through an interactive lesson and worship through music. From there, they move into small groups according to age where our servant leaders guide the kids in age appropriate activities that support the main lesson and remind them of Christ’s love.

Early Elementary (5yrs-1st Grade)

During the month of May, our Early Elementary children will learn about Determination.  Determination is deciding it’s worth it to finish what you started. They’ll learn from the memory verse in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become tired of doing good.  At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up.” They will have interactive Bible stories, energetic music time, artistic crafts, and motivating games in order to understand and apply the lessons. Each week they’ll hear a story from the Bible that will help them see that God’s Word is valuable.

Elementary (2nd-5th Grade)

Our theme in Elementary for May is Determination.  Determination is deciding it’s worth it to finish what you started. They’ll learn from the memory verse in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become tired of doing good.  At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up.” Through interactive music, engaging lessons, and small group discussions, our Elementary kids will learn who they are in Christ. When they love God completely (Upward), they’ll understand who He is. That allows them to know who He made them to be, so that they can learn to love themselves correctly (Inward). This, in turn, will help them to love others compassionately (Outward) in order to live on mission with Jesus!

Check In

Security Tags

Each child will receive a name tag with a security code, and you will receive a corresponding security-coded tag. Additionally, you will receive a keychain tag with a code that links to our secure check-in system. That way, whenever you come to TC, just scan your keychain tag, and your child’s security-coded name tags will automatically print.

Code Display

If you are needed during the service, we will post your security code on one of the displays in the auditorium. At that point, please return to TC Kids with your coded tag, and a servant leader will meet you and take you to your child.

Pick Up

After the service, you will exit to the right of the stage to pick up your child(ren) in TC Kids. You will need to show the room leader your security-coded tag to match it with your child’s name tag, and the child can then leave with you. For the protection of the children and servant leaders, a child will only be permitted to leave with the adult who retains the security-coded tag.

Child Dedication

Child dedication is a sacred act by which parents and the TC family commit to raising our children in an environment where they will be loved and taught how to live an Upward–Inward–Outward life!

You must be an owner/member of Transformation Church to participate in Child Dedication.  If you’re already an owner/member and are committed to raising your child to know and love the Lord, we’d be honored to walk alongside you. To begin the registration process, please email us below.

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