Internship Areas

Our Internship Program is a collaborative environment that allows interns the opportunity to have a holistic training experience. While an internship may be focused on one area, it will include collaboration with multiple teams.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Team at Transformation Church visually communicates our vision and values with clarity and excellence. We work to present timeless truths in a relevant way while using the gifts and abilities that God has given us out of His grace towards us.

Applicants to Graphic Design must:

  • Provide a portfolio with 3-5 examples of your work


  • Have consistent access to a computer with Adobe Creative Suite CS5 or higher



TC Care serves the church body and community at times of need—physical, emotional, or spiritual – and walks alongside them.  We meet people at their place of need, share the transformative gospel of grace, and shepherd them into a more intimate relationship with Christ.

Applicants to the Care Team must:

  • Be good listeners with compassionate hearts
  • Value both confidentiality and collaboration
  • Possess humility and be teachable



The Operations Team exists to develop & maintain the infrastructure for TC’s vision & values by providing support in the areas of finance, risk management, human resources, information technology, database management, & facilities.

Applicants to the Operations Team must:

  • Be proficient in navigating Microsoft Excel
  • Be pursuing a business or finance related major
  • Have experience in a business environment


We have enthusiastic, well-trained servant leaders that have a passion for Christ and for kids. It’s our desire to create an engaging, irresistible, and safe environment for children to learn TC’s vision & values.

Applicants to the Kids Team must:

  • Have experience working with children and a passion to continue in that field
  • Pass a background check if accepted


Our Production team is the hands-on, behind-the-scenes crew that uses their skills in media production and technology to make weekend services and other events happen. They prepare and integrate the technologies it takes to deliver an excellent service environment for our Transformation Church family and guests. We are accepting applicants for a hands-on technical role focused on live and broadcast audio. The internship will also include experiences with stage design and lighting.

Applicants for the Audio Production Team must:

  • Have experience in a technical production environment and provide references from their experience
  • Have hands on experience mixing live sound; operation and knowledge of digital consoles
  • Have experience with recording DAWs preferred



The members of the video team are the visual storytellers of Transformation Church in both post-production and live event environments. We use video to communicate TC’s vision and values to our congregation & community on a weekly basis.

Applicants to the Video Team must:

  • Have experience with non-linear editing, specifically Adobe Premiere 
  • Have experience using various camera systems including digital cinema cameras and broadcast cameras 
  • Have at least 1 year of experience with video production


  • Experience on film sets, commercials, live events, or within a post-production environment is a plus!
  • Must submit a link to their portfolio or reel of previous work


TC Outreach exists as a result of our vision. As we love God completely (Upward) and ourselves correctly (Inward), we are then compelled to love our neighbors compassionately (Outward). TC Outreach opportunities are based on us joining God on mission, seeking to share Christ’s love wherever He places us.

Applicants to the Outreach Team must:

  • Have a passion for local outreach
  • Have some outreach experience – local or otherwise


AT TC, Teenagers are not just considered the church of tomorrow, but the church of today. The purpose of TC Teens is to help our middle & high school students live out the vision of TC. As a part of a multi-ethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped community, we want to help them live upward, inward, outward lives.

TC Teens applicants must:

  • Have experience either attending or serving in a youth environment – youth group, young life, camp counselors, etc.
  • Pass a background check if accepted


TC Groups are a biblical reality of God’s people doing LIFE together as a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community that loves God completely (Upward), ourselves correctly (Inward), and our neighbors compassionately (Outward).  TC Groups offer a unique family like environment for people to “be with other Transformers as they connect in a fun, casual, and meaningful way, and take sermon application to the next level.

Applicants to TC Groups must:

    • Pass a background check if accepted
    • Have a heart for small group ministry
    • Have a desire to collaborate & engage with people
    • Have a good sense of self management



The TC Music Team is made up of talented musicians who pursue and achieve excellence in not just their musical skills, but in their leadership as well. All of our musicians are worship leaders, and we work to provide excellent worship through music, because excellence is worship!

Applicants to the Music Team must:

  • Be able to play an instrument and/or sing
  • Have a desire to collaborate & work well with others


Hospitality is a front-line ministry team that helps those who are new to TC and regular attendees feel welcomed and valued. This serve team sets a welcoming tone from the minute someone drives on campus to when they’re seated in the auditorium.

Applicant for the Hospitality Team should:

  • Be warm and friendly; a ‘people person’


  • Have a passion for team building


  • Be organized


  • Have administrative skills

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